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Package 5 “chemical overhaul”

Chemical Overhual

This is a more complete and comprehensive method of service. Its considered overhauling the entire unit. This job requires to pump down from the outdoor unit and bring down the indoor, strip it into parts and wash chemically including the water tray, internal housing areas especially the inner coil. Only chemically wash will be able to dislodge the dirt that trapped in between the coil that actually result in noisy and woofy sound during operation and even water leaking issue. Therefore chemical wash is important overtime. It also requires an experienced, patient and skilful technician to carry out this job to ensure the coil is being rinse properly before assembling back. Duration for a piece will take around 1 and a half to 2 hours depending on the make and model

After the overhaul, you should be able to feel a stronger and cooler air throw from the unit that fill the room with a more refreshing air quality.

1 unit        $150

2 units     $280

3 units     $390

4 units     $480


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